Design Highlights

  • The Geometric Standards and the Specifications are mostly based on the standards of IRC, MOST& ASTM.
  • Maximum Design Speed: 65 Kmph.
  • Minimum Sight Distance: 90 meter.

  • Design Loading for Main Bridge:

    Live Loads -3 lanes of Class A for each carriageway, or1 lane of Class 70R+1 lane of Class A for each 3 lane carriageway.
    Crash Barrier -1.5t vehicular load at 110kph at 200 impact angle.
    Breaking Load in accordance with Cl. 214 of IRC: 6-2000 in case of vehicular live loads.
    Impact in accordance with Cl. 211 of IRC: 6-2000 in case of impact force due to live loads.
    Wind Load as per IRC:6-2000.

  • Seismic Load in accordance with CL. 222 of IRC:6-2000, Zone III.
  • Foundation of Main Bridge: 8 Numbers River Well - 11 meter diameter and 2 Numbers shore wells - 8M diameter.
  • Maximum depth of well is 50m. Founded in sandy strata and below the foundation of existing bridge to avoid scour.
  • All well caps are founded at same level. This results in equal height of pylon piers and uniform stiffness throughout for better behavior of the overall bridge.
  • The wells are designed by 3D-FEM as per IRC: 78-2000.
  • General allowance of 1/80 tilt and 150mm shift.
  • Type of the Pier - 10 numbers 800mm thick Hollow Section.

Main Bridge:

880 meter Long Multi-Span, Single - Plane Extradosed Cable supported Bridge of 29 meter deck width for 6-Lane Carriageway.

Main Bridge Superstructure:

Hollow single cell precast box girder measuring 29meter wide x 3.37 meter long x 3.2 meter depth each weighing 130 MT (average). Sloping webs optimize the weight and improve aesthetics. Pre-casting of Segment by Short Line method. Bonded transverse Pre-stressing. Internal struts for stability of box and also distribution of forces between the top slab, bottom slab and webs. Box geometry provides high torsional stiffness.

Upper Pylon:

8 numbers 14meter High RCC column of 4100 x 2000mm section. It is a free standing slender column. Stay cable tension provide intermediate elastic supports and introduce compression in the pylon and deck. Design is conforming to IRC: 21-2000.

Stay Cables

Number of Stay Cables in each Pylon-8 numbers with 63 to 73 Strands 15 diameter in each Stay Cable.

Expansion Joint

Spaced at 220 meter centre to centre. Inside the box Deck- Modular Type with Steel Beam at alternate mid Span. Corresponding Deck joints are Strip Seals.

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